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If you devotedly watch "Seventh Heaven" reruns, you've heard it. If you just can't get enough of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, you probably hum it in your sleep. But even if you're just surfing channels, you're probably going to hear the title track from Fooled By April's self-released EP, Nice to See You, which has recently become the soundtrack to ABC Family Channel's promotion of its fall line-up. The ad for "Smallville" and "Gilmore Girls" ran on every channel on the dial, from ABC and NBC all the way to ESPN and the Cartoon Network.

Perhaps it is an unlikely spot for a pop/rock band like Fooled By April, but the band has always defied easy categorization. Some describe them as the bastard sons of Cheap Trick and Fountains Of Wayne, while others compare them more to what the Clash might have been had they listened to a lot more KISS. Perhaps the most apt label that has been applied to them is "Hi-Fi Garage," acknowledging that as much as they bring a ragged rock-and-roll enthusiasm to their music, it is always tempered by the need to get those four-part harmonies just right.

In addition to the many TV and film placements through MTV, Sony, Disney and several independents, the EP (produced by Whiskeytown's Mike Daly) has turned some heads by being the #1 seller on CDBaby.com in its first two weeks and a continuous top-seller since, and as one of the top ten most added records in the country in its first week at radio, later breaking into the CMJ Top 200 chart. Not too shabby for an unsigned band doing it all on their own.

Fooled By April's relentless touring of the Northeast and Midwest has brought them to showcases at the CMJ Music Festival in New York City, the NEMO Festival in Boston and the prestigious South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX. In June 2005, the band released their acclaimed debut full-length record.

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Fooled by April is a pop-garage quartet heavy on the bounce. Their music is grounded by consistently clean, solid vocals and driving guitar riffs.

TimeOut NY

Fooled By April has no less than mastered the art of melodic craft. If you could package the first warm day of the season, Fooled By April would be the means of delivery.


Reader's Choice for Best New Band in Boston.

The Noise, Rock Around Boston
February 2003

It would be wise to keep tabs on these guys; they're probably going to be very well known someday.

Boston Herald

Great power-pop... A Boston quartet with thoughtful lyrics and shaggy hair (well, except the bald guy).

Boston Globe

Really catchy choruses, really catchy hooks. Big, happy, contented sigh...

Austin American-Statesman
SXSW recap

Fooled By April is a tuneful, energetic power-pop band. They do what they do well...

The Providence Journal

You're a f*cking fool if you don't like this band.

Mike Daly (Whiskeytown)

Fooled By April are one of the rising stars at Luna Lounge here in New York City. Luna is the venue where bands like The Strokes, Interpol, and Longwave got started. The next wave will include Fooled By April, who write some of the best new pop songs this side of the Lemonheads.

Rob Sacher, Owner, Luna Lounge (NYC)