FXA store

Welcome to the FXA Store!

To purchase Fooled By April's new Ep, Nice to See You, visit our MUSIC page, or go directly to CDBaby.com. For t-shirts, posters & stickers, you've come to the right place.

Except... Supplies are extremely limited. So please simply send us a note from here and let us know if you'd like any of the merchandise below.

orange FXA t-shirt


Q: Could you be more sexy than you will be in an all-cotton FXA tee?
A: No. No, you couldn't.

black FXA t-shirt


For those allergic to the color orange, there's the ever safe & sexy black FXA tee, as well.

baby-blue FXA baby-tee


And for the ladies... Our baby-blue baby-tee.

Note: Youth Large is also available, but it's cut like the above orange and black shirts, not like a baby-tee. The YL is recommended for children, or perhaps guys who like to wear tiny T-shirts.

flrscnt orange poster
flrscnt blue poster
flrscnt pink poster
flrscnt green poster


Make all of your friends green (or pink or blue or orange) with envy when you get one of these sexy, 2' x 3' fluorescent FXA posters for your wall!

Note: The colors you see above are just meager approximations of the rich, fluorescent colors of the actual posters. Unfortunately, we can't show you over the web how magnificent the colors are in real-life, so just trust us, they're IN-SANE. And under a black-light? Fuggedaboutit. . .

Now you, too, can own the very sticker that brings endless fines and even threatened litigation by the City of Cambridge, MA, against the alternative advertising renegades that are FXA. Please don't put them up on public property in Cambridge. Pretty please. We're broke already...